Medeco Locks Service by SMC Locksmith

SMC Locksmith Ltd. Offers Professional Medeco Locks Installation

At SMC Locksmith Ltd., your security is of our utmost concern, therefore we are happy to inform you that in addition to our regular locksmith services we are also an authorized Medeco Locks installer and service provider. We boast a team of dedicated professional locksmiths available around the clock, every day of the year, to make sure that your home and business are protected. We are happy to serve the local Calgary community and following your call to our service call center we can be at your home or place of business in approximately thirty minutes. You are invited to call our service center and receive a free consultation.

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In order to keep your home and business safe and secure we recommend installing Medeco Locks as a preventative measure. Did you know that approximately a third of all burglaries are carried out by unlawful entry without force? This means that the thief was in possession of a key. It is really very easy to duplicate most regular keys at any hardware store but keys that fit Medeco locks cannot be duplicated without proper permission. Another advantage of Medeco’s high security locks is that they are strong, completely bump proof and extremely pick resistant.

Our residential and commercial locksmith technicians have been trained to work with all types of Medeco products. Medeco Locks are made in America by a company that manufactures an impressive variety of lock products for homes and businesses. Be proactive about your security; just by installing Medeco products in your home or business you are already keeping the burglars at bay. Most burglars know that they will not be able to pick or bump a Medeco lock therefore they won’t even stop to try; once they notice the name on your locks they will likely be on their way.

Medeco boasts a wide range of security products which we would be happy to install in your home or business facility. Some of their products include decorative hardware with a high security cylinder for your front door, cabinet locks to protect your important documents, padlocks, various locks for internal doors, switch locks and more. Don’t worry if this seems a little overwhelming, our locksmiths will be happy to advise you on the best locks for your needs.

Why not consider replacing your existing lock with a Medeco lock the next time you need a key copied? After all, if duplicating your key is as easy as a visit to your local hardware store, it might be time to become more proactive with your home and business security in Calgary.

For our Medeco locks installation services in Calgary call (403) 667-0654

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